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Bianca Strange Horses

It’s fair to say that 2019 was not my best year. I lost so much – my special rescue dog Toivo, my grandfather who bravely fought with cancer, died, and then just before the funeral I lost Basse after 15 years together. In just seven weeks, everyone disappeared. But then, thanks to my goodness, a small pot of pure goodness came to my life … And enter Melisse! I don’t think my mother ever knew how much that meant to me. Now, although Melisse was mentioned many times on my Instagram, Facebook blog, and even here on the blog, she was always more of my mother’s horse than mine – I rode her only when my mother wanted it, than actively training with her. But after everything that happened, and then I found out about Erik’s injury last month, I was heartbroken. For the first time in over 15 years, I didn’t have a horse to ride. But now I have my first mare! And I’m behind the moon to have it because it is special 🌙✨

Bianca Strange
Bianca Strange

Now I know that sometimes mares are not always very well liked and I know that these are the same reasons why strong women are not – they have opinions, there is stubbornness in them and require respecting them to work with them. However, I think that these opinions are not without a good reason, and maybe we just have to work hard to make the mare stand on your side. Although my boys are not easy rides at all, there is something else in the mare. It seems to me that this is due to the fact that the mares will simply not let you bulldoze over them, everything must be a discussion and you must prove yourself over and over again. But with a healthy dose of respect from the rider, I believe that mare’s immunity will be an advantage for the rider every time you need him.

Bianca Strange with horse
horse back riding

Here are mares, strong women and those who CAN and appreciate them! 💪🏻

“There is something else in the way a good mare joins a rider. This is special. Like an undeclared contract. When a mare chooses you as his person, it is as if instinct protected her to fight for you. It’s almost as if she took you on. I believe that good mares have a deep sense of intuition. They can read your mind. They know what you think before you do it. Good mares I know breathe fire in the face of a challenge, and then, in some wonderful way, they can calm down when a shy child is abandoned on his back for a pony ride. They are clever, cunning and calculating, which may be your greatest enemy or saving grace. Good mares I know do not tolerate selfish riding. They do not tolerate strength. They require tact, finesse and emotional control. But when you win the heart of the mare, you won her all. In exchange for the best – and nothing else – will give you everything. “Lindsay Paulsen


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